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Routine Checkups

Dental Hygiene: Not Just for Humans But for Pets as Well

Having your pet's teeth cleaned is just as important as having your own teeth cleaned. Dogs and cats need a thorough teeth cleaning at least once or twice a week. Animals can get tartar and plaque buildup on their teeth that can cause gum diseases like gingivitis. You can take your pet to the vet to have this procedure done, but you can also do it at home. Use this guide as a reference to maintaining your dog's oral health....(more)

Understanding Fatty Tumors in Dogs

It's not uncommon for older dogs to develop fatty tumors. You may feel the tumors yourself, or they may be found during routine veterinary checkups. If your dog has a problem like this, you may have many questions. Here are the most common questions about dogs' fatty tumors....(more)

Vet-recommended Dental Cleaning Products for Dogs

Like you, your dog also requires regular care of his teeth for proper health. If tooth decay occurs, an expensive, professional dental cleaning for dogs is sometimes required. Remain proactive about your dog's dental health, and prevent painful decay and disease by using vet-recommended dental cleaning products for your dog....(more)

How to Calculate and Prepare for Your Horse's Pregnancy

If you have a brood mare that you want to breed be prepared to do a lot of work for the next year. Using a horse pregnancy calculator will give you a fairly accurate due date for the arrival of the foal and help you plan ahead. A routine checkup should be done before conception. The mare's grain mix should be increased slowly prior to breeding to raise her energy level and she should be in good overall health. The mare should be at least three years old before considered for breeding and not over twelve. A pregnant mare requires extra time and proper care after breeding to insure a healthy foal. You will need proper planning before breeding as well as special care and routine checkups for the duration of the pregnancy....(more)

Collars and Leashes

Protecting Your Dog from Fleas

Fleas are little bugs that make your dog's life miserable if they are not removed immediately. These pesky bugs thrive in warm, moist environments, which is why they gravitate to dogs. The food they require is blood from the pet. They will also infest human hair and cats. Fleas soften the skin and penetrate to the blood faster. There are various ways you can get rid of these persistent insects, including using flea collars that attach to a standard leash. You can purchase these online, in pet stores or from your veterinarian....(more)

Is a DAP Collar Right for Your Dog?

You can purchase a dog collar with a variety of innovative functions. Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP) collars help soothe your dog's anxiety and stress in order to make dog walking and other tasks a breeze. DAP collars are relatively new inventions that can be used on both puppies and adult dogs....(more)

The Pros and Cons of Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collars

Many dog lovers and trainers use collars to help train pets. Often used in conjunction with a leash, they give you the power to control and limit your dog's movements. These collars vary in size, materials, and purposes. Through the years, scientists who've studied dogs have found ways to comfort dogs through the training process. One of the many products they've developed is the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) collars....(more)


What Are the Qualifications for Becoming a Vet Tech?

If you enjoy working with animals and want to turn that passion into a career, then you may consider becoming a vet tech. Vet techs usually work for veterinarians and assist them in performing exams and surgical procedures. They will usually greet patients before the veterinarian sees them and do any necessary blood work or sample gathering before an exam. The position is ideal for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. Here is a look at the qualifications a vet tech must have before he or she can get a job....(more)

Factors to Consider When Finding the Ideal Veterinarian for Your Dog

When you have a canine companion, finding the right veterinarian is paramount to your furry family member's health. The wrong one can make annual checkups a hassle and emergencies a complete nightmare. It's important to find a good vet to stick so that he or she will know your pet, your circumstances, and your canine's medical history. Here are some things to consider when picking out the veterinarian that's right for your dog....(more)

Vet Tech: The Ins and Outs of the Job

Being a veterinary technician is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the medical field. Vet techs, unlike veterinary assistants, have been professionally trained to take on varying roles in animal hospitals or private clinics. The job itself entails assisting a veterinarian in surgery, taking lead roles in simpler procedures, and performing vaccinations, checkups, and a myriad of other duties....(more)

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